LED Lights for general and extreme environments

Sizes: 8', 4', 3', 2', Ubend
Use with or without ballast

Bi-Pin, RDC, or
Single Pin

Vetting the best of the best!

This little piggy is going to market with money saved
using LED equipment from CRS Light.
Energy savings can
range from 60% – 78%
by switching to LED
DOUBLE CASH INCENTIVES limited time offer from First Energy!!!
I see spots, lots of spots!
Are You Seeing Clearly?
CRS can help manage your light with a lighting layout.
Flash blindness occures with a quick glance. This can be annoying and sometimes hazardous!
Smart LED troffers, retro fit kits, fixtures wired for LED,
high and low bay that work with or without ballasts.
Great lighting ideas that make a lot of sense!
High and Low Bay LED's
15,600 and 31,200 Lumens
Troffer Retrofit Kit

1x4', 2x2' and 2x4' troffers install quicly, dimmable, 110 LPW, high performance lighting distribution, available in 3000k, 3500k & 4000k CCT,
DLC qualified.


  We vet the lights we carry. After 17 years of selling
quality, color-correct light, you can count on our
LED's offering a great color spectrum with spectacular ROI.
Especially if you are utilizing a location for 2.5 years plus!

As new questions arise, whether it's a school, studio,
clinic, factory, we are here to help you with your
lighting and transition plan options. Contact us
at 1-888-572-3899.

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